Girl names that start with g

Introduction to baby girl names that start with g

Hello dear, welcome to my post. This post is going to be interesting for you. Here we are going to share baby girl names that start with g. United State parents always looking for baby names. So that we are sharing this post for helping US people. If you are also looking for United State baby names. Then you are in the right place. You can find here a list of girl names that start with g.

                    Find out a baby names through internet is very hard work. Because there are many website didn’t update their data. So that here we are sharing this data & updated regularly. We are always trying to help United State people. So we are trying our best to share info about baby girl names that start with g.  If you want to know more names then read our . If you are looking for boy names then read

All data here are simply based on Social Security (SSA) baby names data. You can also check our State baby names data. Just go to State wise baby names. You can find list of state wise data & choose a good one.

Girl names that start with g

Baby names and United State rank for 2020

S.L no Rank Baby names Baby birth in 2020
1 12 Gianna 7,826
2 28 Grace 5,569
3 62 Genesis 3,654
4 77 Gabriella 3,197
5 169 Genevieve 1,685
6 176 Georgia 1,594
7 207 Gemma 1,376
8 209 Gracie 1,368
9 313 Gracelynn 1,011
10 321 Gracelyn 958
11 322 Gabriela 957
12 328 Gia 933
13 331 Giselle 930
14 359 Gabrielle 857
15 377 Gwendolyn 811
16 578 Gloria 502
17 699 Giuliana 399
18 704 Galilea 394
19 739 Giovanna 367
20 743 Greta 365
21 819 Gwen 330
22 868 Giana 307
23 936 Giavanna 272
24 945 Guadalupe 268


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